SAMSUNG UBDM9500 4K Ultra-HD Smart Blu-ray Disc Player +
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UHD Blu-ray Playback & HDR & Colour Technology

With Samsungs Picture Technology, Hollywood is brought to life in your home like never before. Experience brightness and colour reproduced just as it was mastered for the film studio itself.

Spend movie nights at the cinema and transport yourself deep into every moment without ever leaving your living room

BD to Mobile Viewing

Make fights over whos watching the TV a thing of the past by streaming content to your compatible mobile device whilst the TV is on

Stream Blu-ray content to a compatible tablet or smartphone with ease or stream from your mobile device to the M9500 - the choice is yours

360 Image Viewing

Step into the future with a stunning shared 360 degree experience. Whether youre viewing content created on the Gear 360 or videos from YouTube, explore new worlds and experiences or relive every special moment along with your friends and family

UHD Blu ray Titles and Netflix

Enjoy a variety of UHD movies and TV shows provided UHD Blu-ray Disc releases. With over 130 planned disc releases in 2016 there are no limits to enjoying your favourite movies in the best picture quality possible

Compatible with Dolby Atmos

Hear helicopters overhead and explosions all around by pairing the UBD-M9500 with the epic audio provided by the K950 Soundbar and Dolby Atmos

When pairing, the UBD-M9500 will automatically select the right audio setting, offering you the easiest route to a cinema experience. Dim the lights, press play and discover entertainment like never before

Built-in Wi-Fi

Leave your worries about wires behind. Because the UBD-M9500 has built in Wi-Fi, you can enjoy instant easy access to all of your smart content. Just power on, connect to your wireless network and kick back with a wide range of entertainment

Make your old TV smarter

Make any TV a Samsung Smart TV just by connecting it to the UBD-M9500. Whether youve got an older set or one that simply isnt Smart, give it the ultimate upgrade to our latest Smart Platform

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